Oracle® Primavera Risk Analysis

Oracle® Primavera Risk Analysis

For those who look ahead - Oracle® Primavera Risk Analysis brings the risks in your projects to the point. So, you know in advance what threatens your project and how much time and money it could cost. This is because Primavera's risk management solution integrates the entire life cycle, as well as the cost and planning risk management of your project. We will show you how you can react quickly and avoid delays in the project process with Primavera Risk Analysis.

Risks make project planning exciting - but they can be expensive for a company if they actually occur. With Oracle® Primavera Risk Analysis, you can prepare yourself for all threats by anticipating and minimizing risks and establishing risk response and contingency plans. This allows you to react quickly and save costs when the worst comes to the worst.

Oracle® Primavera Risk Analysis provides the necessary risk management tools. With this handy solution, companies can model risks and analyse the impact of minimising these risks on budgets and schedules. This allows your company to face crisis situations with confidence and significantly reduce uncertainty in project and portfolio management.

Avoid increased project costs at an early stage through efficient risk management! The proadvise GmbH will help you! We take care of the implementation and operation of the tool. In addition, we will provide you with continuous advice on risk management!

Primavera Risk Analysis from Oracle® is a risk analysis solution for the entire life cycle of your project. The tool combines cost and strategic risk management.

  • Wide-ranging:
    Primavera Risk Analysis offers broad capabilities to determine reliability levels in relation to project success as well as fast and simple procedures to determine contingency and countermeasure plans.

  • Pinpoint accuracy:
    Due to the calculation efficiency, project and budget plans are compared and evaluated under different scenarios without much manual planning effort. More details about the respective calculations can be entered. For example, "Risk Correlations" can be added, which can be used to correlate certain risks. A further point is the "Weather Modeling" with which weather conditions can be included in the planning, for example to be able to foresee "non-working phases".

  • Secure:
    Using fast and easy techniques to determine contingency and risk response plans as well as comprehensive methods to document statistical collateral in the project, Primavera Risk Analysis evaluates the risks in your projects with corresponding risk registers and templates. Simulation methods, e.g. Monte Carlo simulation, are also used.

  • Clearly arranged:
    Primavera Risk Analysis allows an extremely detailed graphical representation of possible risks. By default, this is possible with the Distribution Graph, but Risk Analysis also offers additional options like the Distribution Analyzer, Tornado Graph, Scatter Plot or Probablistic Cash Flows.

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