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Individual solutions

Our developers have an answer to each of your problems.

Using the programming languages Java, Java EE, JavaFX, Swing, Java Script, SQL, PL/SQL, html, php, css, our experts program the perfect solution for your individual requirements. 

Selection of our development services:

    • Interface and integration development via API, web services and SQL
    • Development of SAP - Oracle® Primavera P6EPPM interfaces using XML, web services and SQL (Java, Spring, P6 API, SQL)
    • Connection of operational management systems to Oracle® Primavera P6 EPPM via SOAP-WS (Swing, Oracle® DB, Spring, Hibernate)
    • Customer-specific add-ons with graphical user interfaces
    • Design and development of BI reports
    • Web plug-in developments
    • In-house development 

Development of add-ons for project management systems

We add our own add-ons to existing software solutions and thus adapt them to your individual needs. Depending on your requirements, our team of developers extends functions of common project management tools so that they are perfectly matched to your project. This includes the construction of interfaces, the connection of external systems to existing solutions, the expansion of reporting options and much more.

We can do this and much more for you:

  • P6 Interface and integration development via API, web services and SQL
    We develop interfaces to connect a P6 database (EPPM and PPM) with any third-party system. The uni- or bidirectional data exchange is done via files, web service calls or database tables. Our expertise especially refers to the P6 side, respectively the reasonable mapping of the third-party system data to the P6 data.
    In addition, we offer tools and extensions to P6 with functions that are not, or only with difficulty, implementable in the application. A typical example is a database cleaning tool that moves (via code marked) projects according to certain criteria (e.g. date of the last update) into a "trash" EPS node and deletes them permanently after a certain time.

  • Workflow optimized GUI development
    We give your software a unique face. Our programmers use Java FX technology to develop the ideal user interface (GUI) for your solution. Our concepts are guaranteed to fit your workflow.

  • Report development using BI system
    Our experts have many years of experience in creating reports for Oracle® BI Publisher, among others.

  • P6 data import made simple - our proimporter
    Primavera P6 users know the problems that arise when importing foreign xer or msp files into their own P6 database. proadvise offers you an in-house solution for this: the proimporter! With our practical tool corrupt databases are history after a data import. Above all, it saves you a lot of time and money, as a manual cleaning of the data records is no longer necessary. With its extensive validation and setting options it is far superior to the on-board importer of the P6 Professional Client!

    Learn more about this on the proimporter's own product page


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