Safran Risk - the new way of risk management

For those who look ahead - Safran Risk is the next-generation probabilistic analysis tool. A software that combines and links both cost and schedule risk analysis. This combination gives transparency at all times on what risks are threatening your project and how much time and money they are causing.

Save time and money with little effort - and help your company gain a competitive edge!

Safran Risk effortlessly combines advanced project schedule and cost risk analysis for ultimate analysis integrity throughout your project's lifecycle. Delivered with an intuitive user interface, Safran Risk works interoperably with Oracle® Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Safran Project.

Risks challenge project planning - and can be costly for companies when they actually occur. Safran Risk, with its integrated risk analysis, starts at the earliest stage of project planning and offers project teams a self-contained system environment that has a lot of useful features to offer. With the help of Safran Risk, you can, among other things, perform cost analyses, take into account numerous risk models, quickly make changes to avoid risks, and thus make informed decisions on how to proceed with your project.

Safran Risk unifies schedule and cost risk analysis in a single platform.

With its fully integrated environment, the tool offers many useful features.

  • Safran Risk as SaaS - easy and fast access without installation and maintenance effort on the proadvise SaaS system

  • Easy exchange of data from Primavera P6 (XER) or Microsoft Project (XML only) and Safran Project

  • Project risk registers

  • Schedule Warnings

  • Risk mapping of activities with real-time analysis

  • Risk histograms for schedule and cost of an entire project or individual elements

  • Cost risk analysis

  • Result display of driving risks and activities for project and milestones and costs

  • Validation, import, and export of risk models

  • Comprehensive risk correlation including probabilities and impacts

  • Creation of risk calendars, e.g., probabilistic weather calendars

  • Immediate feedback through reports in real time

Safran Risk - a real time saver!

  • Combined with Oracle® Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project:
    Safran Risk works interoperably with third-party vendors; alternatively, project plans can be created or modified directly in the tool

  • Integrated cost and schedule risk analysis:
    Save time and effort by performing cost and schedule risk analysis on a single platform and for each phase of your project.

  • Scheduling Environment:
    All schedule changes can be mapped in real time in the fully integrated scheduling environment.

  • Risik Reporting:
    Validate your defined risk models and present the results of your risk analyses clearly and easily.

  • Cost Analysis:
    Comprehensive cost analysis for each phase of a project allows project teams to identify the potential to significantly exceed budgets in a timely manner and prevent contract losses and reputational damage. Expensive corrections during the course of the project thus become obsolete.

  • Optimize Resources:
    Transparent forecasting of project progress enables managers to more accurately allocate resources and predict future resource requirements for all phases of the project lifecycle. Delays are reduced and cost management is optimized.

  • On-point:
    Make quick and informed decisions based on quantified impacts for project timelines. Derive timely actions using automated risk assessments and quickly counteract delays without manual assessment.

  • Schedule Validation:
    Validate the quality of your schedule as a baseline for quantitative risk analysis : Schedule Check automatically monitors and verifies your injected schedules.

  • Risk Calendars:
    Create probabilistic risk calendars based on existing data (e.g. weather data) and integrate them into your risk model.

  • Real-time Analysis:
    Safran Risk provides real-time, instant feedback on relevant impacts to your schedule, all while the risk model is being built.

Safran Risk as SaaS - the simple and fast solution without installation effort!

As a Safran Premium Partner, proadvise GmbH helps you implement and operate Safran Risk. Within 1 - 2 working days, we provide you with Safran Risk as a completely integrated system.

Start your journey now and guide your projects safely through the jungle of project threats by providing sustainable solutions. So that your results are improved - for a successful implementation of your projects!

Are you curious about Safran Risk? Read more about the tool in our product presentation or book a free consultancy meeting!

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