Resource Management

Resource Management

With our resource planning, everything is in the right place in your project.

We send your people and machines exactly where they are needed! Our consultants help you to avoid bottlenecks in demand and capacity, which means we protect your schedule and budget from expensive clashes and delays.

Once a project's schedule has been set, the next question arises: how do you distribute your resources and capacities? Because only with an integrated, meaningful resource, demand and capacity planning conflicts and overloads can be avoided.

Conflicts usually arise between the management and the leaders of the individual projects. This is because the bosses are frequently looking at long-term, reliable capacity statements and resource requirements over the entire life cycle of one or all of the company's projects. The project managers are more interested in so-called bottleneck resources for their own tasks.

Suitable tools and concepts help to calm the waves. They can complement a proper organization and optimized processes for the different projects and help resource managers to build a complete and up-to-date overview of all resources/means of action and tasks.

Our resource planning professionals will explain to you how to manage your capacities properly with the right tools and techniques. We can provide you with advice or explain in workshops how to keep all resources in your projects under control.

"Resource planning as a success factor"

In our workshop "Success Factor Resource Planning" you will learn about the challenges of resource management and get to know different methods of resource planning. Together we will work out the requirements and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. You will get an overview of the various factors you need to implement successful resource planning. Information on the training content can be found in our training dates.

If you are interested, please contact us by phone +49 (7195) 98298-0 or via email.

The Magic Formula Resource Management Maturity Model (RMRM)

RMRM is a model for evaluating the maturity level of the resource management in your company or department.

In short, RMRM allows you to determine how far your resource management has progressed and what level might be effective for you. The model enables you to successfully introduce and operate a resource management system that is tailored to your requirements and needs. RMRM gives you a clear overview of your current level of maturity and how your resource management strategy should be defined.

This determines the appropriate granularity of the resource management for you before you possibly invest unnecessary effort in a rollout of a resource planning that is not adequate for your requirements.

Advantages of the RMRM Model
The RMRM model was developed specifically with a focus on resource management. In particular, the different levels of maturity of resource planning in companies were taken into account. The model is ideal for companies that are already actively planning their resources or are in the process of creating a strategy for resource management. Through evaluation, the RMRM is used to clearly identify an appropriate granularity of resource planning that adds value in the respective company and/or department. The focus is on raising awareness of the fact that only a resource management complexity appropriate to the company should be rolled out.
Benefits of Evaluation
First of all, a common framework is created where all participants can discuss the goals, problems and results of resource management using a common terminology. After the optimal level of maturity has been evaluated, a roadmap and instructions are developed to ensure that this level of maturity is strategically aimed for and achieved in a long-term perspective. A clear presentation of all implications and consequences regarding resource management at different levels provides a structured basis for discussion for all parties involved. The evaluation helps you to make a safe decision when selecting supporting software for resource planning.
Background and explanation
The RMRM model helps stakeholders in resource-driven projects to better align their requirements for resource-related information with their level of project portfolio management processes and technology maturity. This is done by taking into account the parameters of processes, resource-related information and available technology. The goal is always to achieve optimized resource management. The RMR model was originally developed by ORACLE®. The proadvise GmbH later contributed numerous adaptations and extensions.
Approach to Evaluation
Five levels of maturity are tested and evaluated, which represent a logical increase in the degree of detail of resource management. Each of these levels of maturity is measured using seven common dimensions.

Resource Management in Your Company


First use RMRM to assess the level of existing process maturity in your own company and see where you find yourself in the maturity model.

Examine the enterprise value at your maturity level.

If the enterprise value of the process maturity levels is important, you can perform a gap analysis. In this way, you identify which critical "dimensions" at your maturity level need to be expanded in order to move up to a higher level of maturity.

Important: If no added value of a higher level is apparent, then the current level should be consolidated and expanded! Moving up to the next higher level of maturity is only recommended if there is a foreseeable benefit!

Communicate your results within your company and get support to close the identified gaps from your current level of maturity to the next higher level.

Develop a strategic plan to take your company to the next level and work to get there.

Our Maturity-Level-Based Services for You

  • We determine your level of resource management maturity using the RMRM model.
  • We develop a long-term resource management strategy for you.
  • We select the appropriate resource management software for you.
  • We advise you on project-plan-supported resource planning.
  • We develop and document your resource planning processes.
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